Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Breaking News: Judy v. Obama in Conference

Breaking News: Judy v. Obama in
Conference – What’s in the Balance?
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


(Dec. 23, 2014) — On Friday, 19 December 2014, about 2 dozen activists met at the offices of RR (RINO Representative) Darrell Issa (CA-49th) – to discuss, among other things (see my letter below), his treasonous RINO vote in support of HR 83, The Appropriations Act, 2015 (CRomnibus), which funds Obama’s unconstitutional Obamacare as well as his unconstitutional Executive Action on Amnesty! (both ‘actions’ lend aid and comfort to our enemies).
Mr. Issa failed to appear, so all comments were directed to his Vista Office Chief of Staff, Bill Christianson – who could only answer by saying “Congressman Issa is against Amnesty and he is against Obamacare.” We all responded that his actions speak louder than his RINO words.
My comments, questions, and concerns were mailed to all 3 of his offices, and were read in their entirety to Mr. Christianson in the videotaped meeting, and they appear below.
Perhaps if we all sent such letters to all 545 of our so-called ‘public servants’, someone, somewhere, somehow … may get the message and begin to honor their oath to support and defend our Constitution.
In Liberty and In Truth

Congressman Issa;
In 2003, you were a co-sponsor of H.J.R. 59, a Constitutional Amendment to remove the requirement that one must be a natural born Citizen to be eligible for the Office of President, one of no less than 8 unsuccessful Congressional attempts to remove that requirement before Obama/Soetoro ran for the Office.
Therefore, we can only conclude, beyond any reasonable doubt, that both you and all of Congress are fully aware that Obama/Soetoro DOES NOT MEET THAT REQUIREMENT, that he is a USURPER committing Treason against the United States, …
… and yet you, in violation of both your military officer’s oath and your Congressional oath of office for the last 13 years, refuse to support and defend the Constitution against this act of usurpation and treason.

We The People (your ‘employers’) know that you (our ‘public servant’) know that Obama/Soetoro uses forged and counterfeited ID’s (Certificate of Birth and Selective Service Registration) and a self-published stolen SS# 042-68-4425 that fails E-Verify for employment in the United States, never mind the national security sensitive Office of POTUS – for ‘proof’ of eligibility for the Office of POTUS.
Therefore, your continuing willingness to pay homage and give legitimacy to this undocumented Muslim usurper makes you, along with all of Congress and the Judiciary, complicit in thses acts of treason against these United States.
My question to you, ‘Honorable’ Congressman Darrell Issa, is: Why do you continue to pretend that you represent us, We The People, and to honor your military Officer and Congressional oaths to support and defend the Constitution, when your acts (voting for the HR 83 Appropriations Act; voting to ‘approve-without-objection’ electoral votes for the usurper – twice) and your failures to act (not calling for impeachment of the obvious usurper; not calling for indictments against Obama & Hillary Clinton for ‘gun-running to our enemies’ at Benghazi)?

Is it because:
a)    You have been threatened with the loss of your life?, or
b)    You have been threatened with the loss of your loved ones’ lives?, or
c)    Something else?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

You're Not Paying Attention!

Grand Birther warned America!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCaJ8uYEY1U
Like Nostradamus, I saw it coming at the hands of a USURPER!
Jan Brewer is a TRAITOR, She is the reason we still have a usurper! She VETOED The BIRTHER BILL!
FUCK ALL RACEBAITERS! That is all they have!
Let’s get the party started!
Congress created this Constitutional crisis with their Obama ASS-CRACK addiction. Whatever punishment is due, that is what they should get! I will shed no tears for their loss of employment or freedom or lives!
What do we need, REVOLUTION! When do we need it? NOW!

Why hasn't ANY Congressperson explained what fraudulent documents prove other than that fraud has occurred? Apparently no one has standing to challenge the dictator legally, Now he wants to take our guns before we can put the bullets in his head and end his illegal dictatorial reign! This coup-de-tat will only end one way, lord give someone the courage to end America's nightmare!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

RINO Republicans are allowing Obama to execute the Nation because of their vile addiction to Obama ASS-CRACK!

We must all advocate for the arrest and EXECUTION of the cabal of current criminals in the White House and Government!!!
We have a dictator already and Faux news is addicted to Obama ASS-CRACK! http://obamafakeandfraudulent.blogspot.com/
Thanks to Kurt Sutter for the inspiration, Obama knows the Truth, about everything, behind every lie, inside every secret, he is the gatekeeper,/ We Must Execute The Cancer On The pResidency!

RINO Republicans are allowing Obama to execute the Nation because of their vile addiction to Obama ASS-CRACK!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Show? The Stains Of Anarchy!

Stay Tuned, The first episode of The Stains of Anarchy Is Now Being Written.
Another historic first for the first illegal alien CRACKER-NIGGER pResident?
People, you are sovereign citizens, Read your 2nd Amendment, mobilize your Citizen militia!

The picture, “They received a package” has been BANNED by Facebook! See it here. 1st Link.
We need to schedule trials for all traitors, convict them, and put them to DEATH, so they will NEVER COME BACK AGAIN! That is how we end this!
We have had NO RECOVERY under Obama, That has been a LIE! That is why Sears is planning to close 235 stores because there is NO economy!
How much does CONGRESS owe America for this disaster?  Should they work for free?
Let the revolution begin!
National debt just passed more than 18 Trillion dollars, The total federal debt of the U.S. government has now increased more than $7 trillion while Barack Obama has been president.
These questions are not answered because of the MSM's and Congress's addiction to that vile Obama ASS-CRACK!
Republicans need to get their cowardly asses busy doing the job that they were elected to do and break their vile addiction to Obama ASS-CRACK!

When will my fellow Whitey's riot to take back America? 
The problem is we must start at the start in order to remove the usurper, by dusting off the RICO ACT and counting how many organized crimes the self admitted organizer has committed! Think about this!
The age of the fraudulent documents are upon us thanks to Obola!
Obola created his executive order to protect his own illegal immigrant ass!
Obama has made lawlessness legal!
Both Democrats and Republicans are addicted to Obola/Obama ASS-CRACK!
We must remove the usurper, because impeachment is only for legally elected officials!
We need a REVOLUTION! http://obamafakeandfraudulent.blogspot.com/
Social Security No. 042-68-4425
Grand Birther takion1_2000@yahoo.com
Remove The Cancer On The pResidency!

Yes, we can undo and reverse all orders made by a fraud who has perpetrated the biggest FRAUD ever committed against the American people!
Revolution Soon traitors get firing squad

Baroke Hussein Obola
Balack Hinssein Obola
Which one best describes the Cancer On The pResidency?
Obama prays to Allah, so swearing to God to defend the Constitution is just an act of TAQQIYA to him…as A Muslim.
Revolution Soon Traitors Get The Firing Squad

We have already cast our ballots and they are being ignored, only one course of action left.
I just became a Republican in 2008, next time I won't be Republican No More if I have to endure 2 more years of a racist CRACKER-NIGGER in the White House! GOP, the race card is dead for both black and white people, so get your asses in gear and do the fucking job that you were elected to do! Reach down and find that you have a pair or prove to America once and for all that you are a bunch of BALL-LESS bastards that you have been!