Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why hasn't anyone from Hawaii DOH explained that one-of-a-kind mistake in the Registrars signature stamp?

X marks the spot of the evidence of fraud committed by Obama in regards to his fraudulent long form birth certificate.

How did this error occur, and how did the document go to Obama with the mistake undetected and uncorrected, and why hasn't someone came out to explain it?

Where is the statement from Hawaii DOH stating that the error was on the document when it was issued to Obama by Hawaii DOH?

This could indicate that the document in question containing the error is not an exact scan duplicate of the document that may have been issued by Hawaii DOH, or it may indicate that the document in question containing the error may not even exist in the Hawaii DOH records.
If that document did exist on file at Hawaii DOH, Hawaii DOH would have scanned and released it to Obama in its original document form, and Obama would have released it in a format viewable online that would not have allowed for any changes to have occurred to the document.

Why does this document Obama initially released have layers of information showing that the data was digitally manipulated or edited?

Obama would not have released the document in PDF format, which shows evidence that changes have been made to the document, and on which the apparent changes could be discovered, unless the document was either newly created or edited before its release to the public.

If it were a valid authentic document, it would have been released to the Media and public as a TIFF or Jpeg scan upon which no changes could have been made or detected.
There was no need for Obama to re-create the document as a PDF document file, unless changes needed to be made the document, or the document was a newly created document that was created by someone other than a Hawaii DOH employee.

Obama then took the released copy down from the White House website after it was discovered that it contained layers.
A new PDF copy was then created and placed on the White House website.
The new PDF copy had been flattened and no longer showed any layers after Obama's fraud was discovered.  

All this drama after the LIE told by Hawaii DOH for more than 2 1/2 years spent denying that Obama could even get a copy of his long form birth certificate.

Why wouldn't Hawaii DOH want to put this issue with Obama's birth certificate that they allegedly released to Obama, to rest as quickly as possible?

Give us some answers, because Obama, nor Hawaii DOH, will not.
Got some?

Friday, July 1, 2011

What the hell is going on here!

I want to know how you can scan a document and end up with a PDF file in which the date and registrar signature stamps are in 2 different layers separate and independent from the complete document?

Remember, both the date and registrar signature stamps were scanned at the exact same time from the original copy.

This is not possible unless OCR has been used, and that has already been ruled out in the case of Obama's fraudulent birth certificate.

Then there is that pesky little one-of-a-kind error in the registrars stamp that has never been seen on any other Hawaiian long form birth certificate issued by Hawaii DOH, and no forthcoming explanation from them concerning this anomaly means that this mistake is therefore owned solely by Obama.

X marks the spot of the evidence of fraud committed by Obama.