Friday, January 29, 2016

Miscellaneous news!

6 days 21 hrs

Begyn Smelly FIRED! Jan 28th 2016?!

Kuhner Country ,

Boycott Faux News, It’s FAKE!

The Savage Nation!
FAKEbook is now Commie and that is why I have been blocked many timesfor my only crime of BEING ANTI-oBama!
Obama is a Muslim! Grand Birther
Let me be perfectly clear about what needs to happen SOON, Let the bullets hit the bone!
oBama is a disgusting failure!

The Savage Nation!

Faux news is FAKE!

Go to hell Begyn Smelly, no wonder YOU SHARTED YOUR SKIRT ON LIVE FAKE NEWS TV.
That scared of losing your job, eh?!  
Benefit for the VETS. Begyn Smelly farts on live TV!
oBama has ruled fraud is legal with his unchallenged illegal pResidency!
Now anyone can be pResident thanks to our anti-American non-Citizen resident!

Savage Says!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Execute the QUEER in the Blackened House!

Execute the QUEER in the Blackened House!
With all of the Big 4 running it live, the very last State of the Union address of barack oBama’s presidency saw jokes and barbs about those running to succeed him, a call to cure cancer, pleas to pass the big Pacific Rim trade deal and Paul Ryan’s debut in the Speaker’s chair over POTUS’ shoulder. Overall, the President also offered an optimistic assessment of the nation in his just over an hour speech but the incumbent conceded he hadn’t been able to overcome the harsh bipartisan battles that have characterized his term in office.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Banned for another 30 days from FAKEBOOK!????
Vote only for a real Natural Born Citizen named TRUMP!
Get a real beautiful first lady to boot!
Vote for the GOLD Standard, Trump!
You must be born on the SOIL of CITIZEN PARENTS to be a Natural Born Citizen, It is not rocket science!
They all KNEW, Arrest and convict them all, to break their addiction to oBama's vile and disgusting ASS-CRACK!
You were warned, Banned for another 30 days????

Friday, January 1, 2016