Tuesday, May 29, 2012

America Has A Serious Constitutional Issue That Congress Or The Courts Need To Deal With

We do not have a legal Natural born citizen as a pResident as is required by the Constitution.
We have a USURPER named Barack Obama, or Barry Soetoro, take your pick, who is acting illegally as the POTUS, who was born in Kenya by his own admission, and the admissions of others, including his own wife, and who may even still be a British/Kenyan citizen, and/or Indonesian citizen, who certainly hasn't proven that he is an American citizen at all.

A US birth cannot be verified by a known fraudulent birth certificate.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Birthers got it right!

What have the Birthers been saying all along?
Barack Obama was born in Kenya!
What evidence that would cause one to conclude that is true?
1. A Kenyan birth certificate presented by Lucas D. Smith, that has never been proven to be a fake or fraudulent birth certificate.

2. Kenyan Government officials making statements like, "Obama is a son of Kenyan soil", and "Obama is a Native Kenyan", along with citizens from Kenya who say the same thing.

3. Obama's US Literary Agent releases a biography in a 1991 Booklet:  'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'.

4. Newspaper accounts stating that Obama was a Kenyan-born US Senator.

Now what has Obama given to us to prove his alleged Hawaiian birth?
A fraudulent short form birth certificate, proven by Obama's release of a fraudulent long form birth certificate, that probable cause has already been found by competent law enforcement officers to be a fake or fraudulent birth certificate.

Obama has released nothing proving his alleged Hawaiian birth!
This is why we know that Obama, as well as his birth certificate, is a fraud.

I am still waiting for anyone to explain how a registrar's stamp can be moved on a document if the document was created as a scan only.

We are not talking about an enhancement here, we are talking about an addition to a document being made by a computer after the document was scanned!

A scanned copy only creates a document with one layer in the file.
Only by making changes to the scanned document are layers added to the file.
OCR was NOT used on the document that Obama released.

You can only do that if the registrar's stamp was added to the document by a computer process after the initial scan was completed.
If the document was only a copy of an original document that was previously stamped, that stamp could not be moved.

It’s incredibly strange that the literary agent approached by Breitbart.com does not remember Obama calling the agency to register a complaint and make a correction.

The FACT is that all these sources say that Obama was born in Kenya!
1. Obama's Literary Agent.
2. The Kenyan Government officials.
3. Kenyan citizens.
4. 6 foreign newspapers call Obama a Kenyan-born Senator.
5. Obama's own wife calls Kenya Obama's home country.

The birth certificate that Obama released is a fraudulent document.
That document is NOT an official State of Hawaii issued document.
This is proven by the lack of the all important raised visible embossed seal of certification on the document!
That is what makes the document an authentic and legitimate State of Hawaii issued document.
No one at Hawaii DOH has any credibility.
There is probable cause to believe that the document Obama released is a fraudulent document, and no reason to believe that it is legitimate.

Hawaii DOH can say anything they like, they just can't prove it with the fraudulent birth certificate that Obama has released.
They won't show the original birth certificate because it doesn't exist!

Fukino incorrectly described the fraudulent birth certificate that Obama released, that is why we know that it is fake, along with Sheriff Arpaio's investigation.
Just because Hawaii DOH is LYING for Obama doesn't make what they say true.

The proof can only be verified by seeing a legitimate birth certificate that in reality does not exist.

Friday, May 4, 2012

A citizen is not necessarily a Natural born citizen.

A citizen is not necessarily a Natural born citizen.

Only a child born of 2 US citizen parents can be a Natural born citizen.
That is the sole defining criteria for a Natural born citizen.
It is about sole allegiance and loyalty to this Nation alone.
Only a Natural born citizen can meet this criteria.

Congress agreed that John McCain was a Natural born citizen despite his birth in Panama, because McCain had 2 US citizen parents.

The 14th Amendment creates born citizens regardless of the place of birth or the nationality of the parents.

A child born in any country in the world who has a US parent is a US citizen at birth, as well as a citizen of the country in which they were born, in most cases.
They are born with dual citizenship.

A child born in the US who has one, or even NO US PARENT, is a US citizen at birth, as well as a citizen of the country of which their parents were citizens of.
Those children are born with dual citizenship as well.

Either way, Obama is not a Natural born citizen.
It is really not that hard to understand.

One must wonder what a real investigation of Obama's identity would reveal.

One must wonder what a real investigation of Obama's identity would reveal.
Would he be Kenyan or American born?
 Is he currently an Indonesian citizen as well?
Would he now be Barack Obama ll, Barry Soetoro, Barry Dunham, or Harrison J. Bunnel?
One must wonder, because no one ever vetted the man to whom this Nation willingly turned over the reigns of the Nation, along with the secret codes.
Believe it or not!