Wednesday, February 13, 2013


SHOCKING! USURPER CAUGHT RED-HANDED! A Law Enforcement Investigation Proved Obama's Birth Certificate and Selective Service Registration Card are Both Forgeries. Obama Jailed an Officer for Asking to See Them. In 2008, while Vetting McCain, Congress Ruled Presidents Must Have Two US Citizen Parents. Obama Signed This Resolution. Obama's "Birth Certificate" Says His Dad was Kenyan. SO OBAMA'S INELIGIBLE! Let's Arrest Him Now!

This is a Cancer on the pResidency!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

There can be no impeachment for a usurper.
You cannot impeach a usurper, you must remove him by force, give him a fair trial with due process, and when convicted of treason, along with all co-conspirators, put a bullet in their heads!

Nowhere is it written that the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of innocent
Americans. The blood of a usurper and his co-conspirators will do just fine.

It must be done!

A fair trial with due process is more than Obama and the DOJ advocates for merely accused alleged American terrorists.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cancer on the pResidency?

How can we have a president of the country with no records in databases of any addresses and corresponding Social Security numbers for 10 years?

Friday, February 8, 2013

How could a usurper get re-elected on this record?

Are We Better off Now Than We Were Four Years Ago?

A question has been put forward that has the Obama administration struggling to answer. “Are we better off now than we were four years ago?” What seems like a simple question that is asked of any politician seeking re-election seems to be a stumbling block for President Obama and his campaign. Over the next few months the campaign will try to craft and spin an answer to that question while ignoring the reality. Here are just a few of the facts that should not be overlooked.
National Debt
2009: 10.6 Trillion
Now: 16 Trillion
Food Stamps
2009: 32.2 million people enrolled
Now: 46.2 million people enrolled
2009: 7.8%
Now: 8.3%
Median Household Income
2009: $54,983
Now: $50,964
Gas Prices
2009: $1.85
Now: $3.80


Criminal indictment against Obama et al, California Governor Brown Jr., Secretary of State Bowen, Attorney General Harris and the entire Orange County Board of Supervisors including their council named on the notices for their immediate removal from public office.

Supported by the affidavit of Michael Lerman in support of the facts to institute a criminal indictment against Obama et al, California Governor Brown Jr., Secretary of State Bowen, Attorney General Harris and the entire Orange County Board of Supervisors including their council named on the notices for their immediate removal from public office.

Due to repeated abuses of unlawful government this complaint is necessary in law and now at issue.

We the people of California have a rightful, valid and lawful cause of action to have the crimes and the criminals stopped and the people in these organizations arrested for criminal bad behavior / moral turpitude / dereliction of duty / breach of oath and employment charter because of the violent interference with liberties and rights defined in the Constitution and federal law. The rights of both citizens and non-citizens are constitutionally mandated to be protected by public servant officers.

Regarding the Barack Obama et al's treasonous criminal conspiracy and the Orange County Board and California Governor et al, aiding and abetting that criminal conspiracy - Concerning the late joining conspirator who takes the conspiracy as he finds it: "a conspiracy is like a train," and, "when a party steps aboard, he is part of the crew, and assumes the conspirator's responsibility for the existing freight ... "Id at 42; accord, United states v Saccoccia, 58 F3d. 754,778 (1st Cir,1995)

Brief summary of the facts leading up to this complaint: [...] 

Notice of refusal for fraud of Barack Obama's oath and contract with 'we the people' to be employed as President of the united States of America, United States or any variations thereof: 

Dear Sheriff Hutchens and Foreman of the Grand Jury,
On December 4,2012 and by Certified Mail # 7012 0470 0002 4199 4310 on December 17, 2012 the attached enclosed Writ of Mandamus and Quo Warrantor Notice were issued and served, under my authority as one of 'we the people', to the above named Orange County Board of Supervisors and to their principal supervisors and California electors by notice to agent is notice to principal to hold in abatement the California State republic's confirmation of Barrack Obama aka other alias until either a formal congressional investigation or a citizens' tribunal can investigate all the evidence provided and prove that Barack Obama is not in fact guilty of felony crimes and treason. This confirmation abatement did not occur and the Board is in dishonor and contempt of the Constitution as well as in violation of state and federal law (see title 42 see 1986). [...]

Affidavit of Michael Lerman in support of a Criminal Complaint re Obama et al and California Orange County Board of Supervisors et al California Governor et al, California Secretary of State et al and California AG et al:

Affidavit of Michael Lerman in support of a Criminal Complaint for misprision of a felony against the Orange County Board of Supervisors et al regarding factual grounds in support of a Criminal Complaint against California public servants the Orange County Board of Supervisors et al. named herein and their leadership the California Governor et al. , California Secretary of State et al. and California Attorney General et al. for their willful and intentional aiding and abetting of Barack Obama et ai's assent into office, his treason and criminal wrongdoings while in office and for their perjury of oath for dishonest services fraud. [...]

Affidavits from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mike Zullo, Larry Klayman, Nick Purpura and Donald Lester included in the compiled docs... 

ALL DOCS/EXHIBITS BELOW AND HERE:      ---   ( Hat tip Linda Jordan )
IT IS TIME THAT WE DEMANDED THAT THIS USURPER-IN-CHIEF BE REMOVED. He needs to face prosecution for the illegal acts that he has committed in office along with those who supported this charade. It is not his race that is the problem, it is his lack of constitutional status as a “natural born citizen” that is the problem.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

America finally knows what President Obama meant when he said he intended to “fundamentally transform America.” He aimed to make this country unrecognizable to its Founding Fathers, and he’s done just that.

Obama has reversed the role of the federal government – instead of looking like the world’s hegemonic superpower, we look more like the world’s most innovative social welfare state to be envied by all of Western Europe.

This year defense spending will sink to its lowest levels in our nation’s history; meanwhile, entitlement spending will reach new highs.

This is part of an astounding overall trend in our federal government’s spending habits. The Heritage Foundation reports,“Defense spending has declined significantly over time, even when the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are included, as spending on the three major entitlements—Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid—has more than tripled.”

In 2012 alone, Heritage reveals an immense gap between defense and entitlement spending—defense comprised 19% of total outlays, while entitlements reached a gargantuan 62% of federal spending.

This is a complete perversion of what the Founding Fathers intended. All caused by a usurper!