Monday, April 16, 2012

The Constitution has been violated.

No Politician, Judge, or Media person, has seen any document other than what we all have, and competent law enforcement officials have found probable cause to believe that the document proffered by Obama is a forgery.
The American people have only seen a fraudulent document proffered by Obama.
This is not acceptable.

Why doesn't Obama have to be in compliance with the Constitutional requirement of eligibility for the office that he holds?
What makes Obama special?

The eligibility is REQUIRED by the Constitution, and this is the law of the land.
How has Obama proven that he is in compliance with the Constitution?
He hasn't and can't!

Undeterred by obfuscation and avoidance, and having simple common sense, TRUTH-SEEKERS repeat the same story they always have.

Obama has NOT proven his Hawaiian birth because it can't be done with a fraudulent document.

Obama is not a Natural born citizen because his Father was not a US citizen.