Sunday, March 23, 2014 In The Head!

So far, every lawsuit challenging Obama's presidential eligibility has been either denied without comment or dismissed on a technicality -- lack of standing, lack of jurisdiction, mootness, etc. So far, neither the Supreme Court nor any other court has considered, in an open hearing, the actual substance or merit of any of these cases. Although some judges have expressed personal opinions, or dicta, regarding Obama's eligibility, no court -- as of the time of this writing -- has ruled on whether or not Barack Obama is a Constitutional natural born citizen.
It appears that a deal may have been struck before the 2008 election to keep eligibility issues out of the Mainstream Media spotlight between the Republicans and the Democrats.
For the first time in U.S. History, the American people had the choice of choosing between 2 INELIGIBLE candidates.

McCain had the required U.S. citizen parentage, but technically was not born in U.S. controlled territory, as he was born in Panamanian territory instead, and therefore was not a Constitutionally eligible candidate.

Obama has not definitively proven his alleged FANTASY Hawaiian birth beyond a reasonable doubt, or to the exclusion of all other locations such as Kenya, and cannot be a Constitutionally eligible candidate, as his father was never a U.S. citizen.

Congress, with the help of future usurper Obama's input, passed Senate Resolution 511 declaring McCain to be a Constitutionally eligible candidate.

That same Congress refused to deal with Obama's eligibility issue, and subsequently the Media and the courts have refused to report on or investigate the issue as well.

All court cases filed have been refused to be heard by the courts on procedural grounds such as lack of standing and political question.
All cases have been ended, denied, or dismissed, without any case ever being heard on the merits.

It would be easy to give McCain the benefit of the doubt, because Panama never claimed to have any citizenship rights on McCain.

Obama on the other hand volunteered the information to Congress, the Media, the courts, and the American people, that he was a dual citizen at birth due to his Father being a British/Kenyan citizen, and that by virtue of that fact that he himself was born a dual British/Kenyan citizen as well.

Obama is a Constitutional lawyer who worked on legislation concerning Electoral fraud as a Senator before running for the Presidency, and knew that he did not meet the eligibility criterion as a Natural born citizen, but also knew that the term had never been defined by the Constitution, Congress, or the Supreme Court.

He fooled the SHEEPLE by calling himself a Native born citizen, despite his refusal to even prove that as a fact and that alone placated the SHEEPLE.

Obama is a usurper and he knows it, even if you SHEEPLE do not.

Mario, do you believe that Director Fukino had the statutory authority to proclaim that Obama was a Natural born citizen in an official statement?


Abercrombie knew that he wasn't permitted under law to disseminate the information before he said he would torpedo the Birthers by releasing the information.

Abercrombie indicated what was on record was papers, a birth notation, or a written type of affidavit, NOT an "original long form birth certificate".
He went the Hospital to search for records with a search warrant and found nothing.

1. Why didn't Abercrombie call the document by its most commonly used name of an "original long form birth certificate" if he actually saw it, or even what Fukino called it, an original birth certificate, or Vital Records?
The fact that Abercrombie used 3 entirely new terms to describe the alleged document means that he never actually saw the document.

2. Why can't Abercrombie find the document that Fukino has said she seen?
If he had found the document, he would have called the document by its most commonly used name.
He also would have told us that he indeed viewed the document, but he did not do so because he did not find the document.

3. How come no one from Hawaii DOH or the Hawaiian Government, has called the document allegedly on file by its most commonly used name of an "original long form birth certificate", instead calling the document an original birth certificate, Vital Records, papers, a birth notation, or a written type of affidavit?

4. How come no one from Hawaii DOH or the Hawaiian Government will authenticate Obama's released short form birth certification even when specifically asked to do so?

Inquiring minds want to know.
Why don't you answer the enumerated questions this time DIP-SHIT?

Permit me to hint, you should break your filthy addiction to Obama ASS-CRACK so that you will not suffer withdrawal symptoms in 2012 when the cracker-nigger will lose his ass, and the Democratic Party may be euthanized because of Obama's usurpation when the TRUTH does come out.

TRUTH, The Obama SHEEPLE Antidote!

Thank you for the bad judge-its, SHEEPLE.
At least you prove that I am consistent.
I know that you recognize that I am persistent.

TRUTH, The Obama SHEEPLE Antidote!

Well you would, BE EXPECTED TO, SHEEPLE!
Now tell us, who the fuck are you?
Oh, and why should I give a flying-fuck anyway?
Do you ever have anything to say, that can be even remotely seen as a sign of any intelligence being possessed by you?
What other non-answer, fact devoid, non refutation of claims made, obfuscatory, brain-dead, mind-blown, GARBAGE do you have for us next?

Yes, you are a Brain-Dead Mind-Fucked Imbecilic Retard addicted to Obama ASS-CRACK and you prove it with every post you make.
You will believe anything that you are told to believe despite having no evidence that what you are being told is without question the absolute truth.
You require no proof because you have suspended disbelief and disengaged common sense.
In fact, you astound common sense.

A flawed an incorrect decision from three idiot judges based on the Wong Kim Ark case, in which Ark was determined to be a CITIZEN, and the 14th Amendment, which cannot, and has not ever created a Natural born citizen.
Both points only prove that one is a citizen, NOT a Natural born citizen.

Those 3 idiot judge claims that this decision and legislation together equal proof of something that neither confirm, that some one is a Natural born citizen.

The 14th Amendment was written after the Constitution was ratified, and the meaning for what constitutes a Natural born citizen was already known by the Founding Fathers, and accepted by them before the ratification of the 14th Amendment, so the 14th Amendment has no bearing on what constitutes a Natural born citizen.