Monday, August 11, 2014

Chris Jansing; Helps That Obama Is From Kenya

But, But, But, Obama LIED and said he was Black... Convict and Execute them all!
Foreign Press Epoch Times: Officially It Is Not
Known Where Obama Born; Fake Birth Certificate

It appears the global newspaper Epoch Times has gone Birther on Obama in a recent article about NBC News' Senior White House Correspondent Chris Jansing's Freudian slip whereas she reported Obama was born in Kenya.

Epoch Times România @ Yahoo News: [Translation via Google Translator]; Hat tip AJ.


Obama - officially it is not known where born

The incident once again raised the issue certificate birth of President Barack Obama. After a scandal began in 2008, Obama could not produce until now a real certificate stating that he was born on American soil, a legal requirement to occupy the post of president of the United States.

Current certificate published on the White House website is a fake out several independent investigations.
Former MI6 agent Michael Shrimpton claims that Barack Obama was born in Mombassa, Kenya, which at the time was a British protectorate.

Around scandal fake birth certificate of Barack Obama has raised much controversy, and even a dead body - of Loretta Fuddy, the director of the Department of Health that time in Hawaii, which issued the document, and died later into a highly suspicious plane crash. Subsequent investigations revealed that Loretta Fuddy was close to Barack Obama and Indonesian sect called Subud, with strong ties to the CIA and KGB. [...] Epoch Times Romania.

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Chris Jansing; Helps That Obama Is From Kenya
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