Wednesday, December 24, 2014

(Dec. 23, 2014) — On Friday, 19 December 2014, about 2 dozen activists met at the offices of RR (RINO Representative) Darrell Issa (CA-49th) – to discuss, among other things (see my letter below), his treasonous RINO vote in support of HR 83, The Appropriations Act, 2015 (CRomnibus), which funds Obama’s unconstitutional Obamacare as well as his unconstitutional Executive Action on Amnesty! (both ‘actions’ lend aid and comfort to our enemies).
Mr. Issa failed to appear, so all comments were directed to his Vista Office Chief of Staff, Bill Christianson – who could only answer by saying “Congressman Issa is against Amnesty and he is against Obamacare.” We all responded that his actions speak louder than his RINO words.
My comments, questions, and concerns were mailed to all 3 of his offices, and were read in their entirety to Mr. Christianson in the videotaped meeting, and they appear below.
Perhaps if we all sent such letters to all 545 of our so-called ‘public servants’, someone, somewhere, somehow … may get the message and begin to honor their oath to support and defend our Constitution.
In Liberty and In Truth

Congressman Issa;
In 2003, you were a co-sponsor of H.J.R. 59, a Constitutional Amendment to remove the requirement that one must be a natural born Citizen to be eligible for the Office of President, one of no less than 8 unsuccessful Congressional attempts to remove that requirement before Obama/Soetoro ran for the Office.
Therefore, we can only conclude, beyond any reasonable doubt, that both you and all of Congress are fully aware that Obama/Soetoro DOES NOT MEET THAT REQUIREMENT, that he is a USURPER committing Treason against the United States, …
… and yet you, in violation of both your military officer’s oath and your Congressional oath of office for the last 13 years, refuse to support and defend the Constitution against this act of usurpation and treason.

We The People (your ‘employers’) know that you (our ‘public servant’) know that Obama/Soetoro uses forged and counterfeited ID’s (Certificate of Birth and Selective Service Registration) and a self-published stolen SS# 042-68-4425 that fails E-Verify for employment in the United States, never mind the national security sensitive Office of POTUS – for ‘proof’ of eligibility for the Office of POTUS.
Therefore, your continuing willingness to pay homage and give legitimacy to this undocumented Muslim usurper makes you, along with all of Congress and the Judiciary, complicit in thses acts of treason against these United States.
My question to you, ‘Honorable’ Congressman Darrell Issa, is: Why do you continue to pretend that you represent us, We The People, and to honor your military Officer and Congressional oaths to support and defend the Constitution, when your acts (voting for the HR 83 Appropriations Act; voting to ‘approve-without-objection’ electoral votes for the usurper – twice) and your failures to act (not calling for impeachment of the obvious usurper; not calling for indictments against Obama & Hillary Clinton for ‘gun-running to our enemies’ at Benghazi)?

Is it because:
a)    You have been threatened with the loss of your life?, or
b)    You have been threatened with the loss of your loved ones’ lives?, or
c)    Something else?