Monday, January 26, 2015

Natural Born Citizen for DUMMIES, This Means You, SHEEPLE!

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America needs a strong Conservative with balls who is NOT AFRAID to stand on principal, Ted Cruz is that man!
Louis Gamber, Grand Birther, Truth Detector,  Please feel free to check me out.
Update: Balack Obama has done spent 7.5 Trillion ALL BY HIS LONESOME and he's not done yet, How do you like him now STUPID SHEEPLE?
Heh SHEEPLE, This one is for you!

You can't ANSWER the questions to this day, some six years into his fraudulent pResidency that is destined to receive an asterisk next to it!
Now tell us why??? Please include the answers to the original questions this time without OBFUSCATION!

Uhm buddy,
Why can't anyone answer these questions?
How is it that voters, electors, and service members have no standing to challenge a usurper with multiple aliases and proof that he is a fraud?
Why can we use the RICO statute to prosecute mobsters and put them in jail for life, but we can't use the same statute to put the fraud Obama and his cronies in jail for life?

Why can Bernard Madoff be arrested and jailed for fraud, yet the fraudulent usurper Obama cannot?
Why has Balack Obama, (sic), spent 7.5 TRILLION yet has NO POSITIVE legacy to leave America?
Why is this so damn hard to do???
You have the answers don't you???
Ben Carson is a very intelligent Dr, I like and respect him, but Ted Cruz is my 1st choice! Hire Dr Carson to fix Obama's FUCK UP on healthcare!
We already have the law, It's called RICO, Obama must know that is not a dance like rico suave! Obama is GUILTY of leading a racketeer influenced corrupt organization presently known as the Federal Government! This pResident doubles down on STUPID!