Saturday, June 2, 2012

Whatever happened to Common Sense?

We got the word straight from the Kenyan's own mouth.
Obama became the 1st Birther way back in 1991!
Obama WAS THE VERY 1ST ONE to claim that he was born in Kenya.

The SHEEPLE willingly believe that it was just a mistake.
A mistake that numerous other sources all have made as well.
Sources that include African newspapers, the Kenyan Government officials, Kenyan citizens, Obama's own Grandmother who lives in Kenya, and of course Obama's own wife Moochelle.

Only SHEEPLE would believe that all those people made the exact same mistake in regards to Obama's birthplace.

That bio was first released in 1991; it said Obama was born in Kenya.
That same bio was used again in 1995 when Obama released a book.
Obama's bio in 1995 still said he was born in Kenya.

Common sense dictates that the following statements are in fact true.

1. Obama provided his bio info to the Literary Agent!

2. Obama allowed the truth to be told about his Kenyan birth for 16 years before he began his born in the US LIE in 2007!

3. It is standard procedure for the Literary Agent to verify the information contained in the bio, by allowing the person for whom the bio is being written to correct any information that may be contained in error, meaning that Obama had to give his permission to release the bio after he had read it to insure its accuracy!

4. Finally, WE KNOW Obama released a book in 1995, so we can logically surmise from that knowledge that Obama was asked to re-confirm that his bio was still correct in stating that he was born in Kenya, and OBAMA DID NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES to his bio stating that he was born in Kenya, BECAUSE IT WAS THE TRUTH!