Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reason's NOT to trust Hawaii DOH?

Hawaii DOH has NEVER confirmed that the document that Obama released was an exact copy of the document that they had on file, and we know why.
Obama didn’t release an authentic Hawaii DOH issued document!

No Obama long form birth certificate released contains a raised visible embossed seal of authentication.

Ann Dunham’s signature on Obama’s fraudulent long form birth certificate is in two separate layers, even though it was allegedly created as a part of a single scan that would only create a single layer document.

There is no a logical reason for Obama’s long form birth certificate to have a mistake in the Registrar’s stamp, and no other birth certificate stamped by Alvin T Onaka containing that error is known to exist.

Fukino described Obama’s long form birth certificate as being half handwritten and half typewritten, and the document that Obama released does not match that description.

A document created as a scan alone contains only one layer, while Obama’s released long form birth certificate has numerous layers, meaning that changes or enhancements were made to the document that could not be present on the original long form birth certificate retained by Hawaii DOH, from which the released copy was allegedly made.

An investigation by Sheriff Arpaio has found probable cause to believe that the document Obama has released is a fraudulent document.

Many document experts have determined that Obama’s long form birth certificate is in fact a fraudulent document, and Hawaii DOH employees are not document experts, they are only employees.

How can Hawaii DOH verify a document that does not contain a raised visible embossed seal of authentication making it an official State of Hawaii issued document?

What is unreasonable about asking for absolute actual proof of identity from a suspected fraud who claims birth in the US, while also being the very first known person to say that he was born in Kenya?
Both statements Obama has made cannot possibly be true.