Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The thought of a gun, (or two), behind every blade of grass, must be very disturbing to our enemies who dream of attacking the homeland.
This bothers Liberals, so they want to fix it.
They don't understand that by disarming the people, an invasion on the homeland is made more likely and easier for our enemies.

Of course, they don't even know that the enemy resides illegally in the White House today, due to crimes he has committed.

The Kenyan claims he was born in Hawaii, but can only offer a fraudulent Long Form Birth Certificate, a SSN number that was not assigned to him, a fraudulent Selective Service card, and a school record that specifically states that he was an Indonesian.

The fraud even told his Literary Agent some 16 years prior to his fraud that he was born in Kenya.
Was he lying then or is he lying now?
It is sad that 4 years into this we still don't know, but we know that Obama is a complete fraud.