Sunday, November 10, 2013

Obama is a FRAUD!

To Judge Jeanine Pirro
Obama didn't tell the American people the truth about healthcare BECAUSE HE IS A FRAUD.
I thought that you were smart, apparently I was wrong about you.
Obama is hiring criminals to commit the same crime that he has successfully committed against the American people.
Obama is a FRAUD!
He has no legitimate birth certificate proving that he was born in America, and we have no proof that he is currently an American citizen.
Obama cannot pass a background check using the SSN Verifier because the SSA did not issue his SS Number which was issued by the state of Connecticut where he never lived.

That is why Obamacare is hiring people who have committed fraud like him because he must protect fraud at every turn lest the truth be told about him.
Sheriff Arpaio will tell you all about Obama's fraud. Look him up if you're not scared of the truth about Obama's eligibility.
The president who campaigned for a more “open government” and “full disclosure” will not unseal his medical records, his school records, his birth records or his passport records.
This is why the word FRAUD is always connected to his name.
Obama is a fraudulent usurper.
Rick Perry Accuses Obama of Fraud While Denying 1 Million Texans Healthcare