Monday, April 13, 2015

I Hate Hitlery!

Obama has failed to take our guns and he fears those bullets coming for his head! That
Muslim usurper deserves death! Practically all Congresspersons since before the 2008
election have committed TREASON!

Sentence them to death!

Give them a bullet in the head after convicting them of TREASON!

Vote Ted Cruz 2016! Grand Birther will!

Facebook has blocked me! Our Republic is gone! They can’t stand the truth!

WTFU, We have suffered a silent COUP-DE-ETAT!

When will the Revolution begin, that is the only way to save our country!

Congress only deserves the people's vengeance, only God can give them mercy!

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What difference at this time does it make anyway? I hate Hitlery!

Conservative women are REAL, Liberal women are not only ugly, but sometimes even GAY!