Friday, April 17, 2015

Media Cowards!

Faux News, Where are you cowards at? Bilious O'Lielly, Fean Hannity. Fret Beware, Megyn Smelly, Where are you at COWARDS?
The Birthers have put together winning cases many times, but in order to win you must be heard by a judge in a court.
We can't make the judges hear cases containing evidence that they do not want to hear, for whatever reason they don't want to hear them.

There is much more evidence that Obama was born in Kenya than there is to support the LIE that he was born in Hawaii.
All we can do is bring the case and that we have done.
The evidence that is known to exist should at the least be a clarion call for a Government investigation, but that isn't happening either, because somebody must take the blame for the failure of our system, and nobody wants to take that blame.
But that blame will eventually be placed on somebody.

This issue will not go away until that blame for the usurpation that we know has happened is placed on somebody, and the problem is fixed so that it never occurs again.

So far, every lawsuit challenging Obama's presidential eligibility has been either denied without comment or dismissed on a technicality -- lack of standing, lack of jurisdiction, mootness, etc. So far, neither the Supreme Court nor any other court has considered, in an open hearing, the actual substance or merit of any of these cases. Although some judges have expressed personal opinions, or dicta, regarding Obama's eligibility, no court -- as of the time of this writing -- has ruled on whether or not Barack Obama is a Constitutional natural born citizen.